Dont get vmware tools running on vsphere 5.1

  • hello,
    i am trying to install vmware tools on my vsphere 5.1 host.

    i installed pfsense 2.1 x64. went good. then i installed vmware tooles like in this howto:
    i change the ftp link to my need (freebsd 8 and amd-64) no problem.

    then i successfull installed vmware tools and the daemon was running. i changed to vmxnet3 and rebooted.

    but now there is no daemon running. vmxnet3 is working but when i want to stark the daemon i get this:

    VMware Tools is installed, but it has not been
    (correctly) configured for the running kernel.
    To (re-)configure it, invoke the following command:

    when i stark the command:

    Starting VMware Tools services in the virtual machine:
      Switching to guest configuration:                                  done
      Guest memory manager:                                              done
      Guest operating system daemon:                                    failed
    Unable to start services for VMware Tools

    is there any solutions?

    best regards

  • I found the answer to this problem here:

    The thing that I changed (not sure if it makes a difference) is to use "packages-8.3-release" since pfSense 2.1 is based on FreeBSD 8.3.

    Oh yeah, that also says ftp-archive, don't put the -archive in the name.

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