How to redirect all wi-fi (LAN) traffic to local server

  • Hi, can someone very kindly tell me how to create a rule (or anything else that can works really), to redirect all http request to a website we host on a local server?
    I did try to follow a few guidelines and test various options but i ended up in a mess….
    Thank you!

  • Re-phrase your question and clarify your needs.

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    exactly - are you talking from outside, or your local ips trying to go outbound on 80?

  • Okay, sorry, i try again  :D

    We have a community's website hosted on a home's server (local host), plus an internet connection that connect everyone on the "external world".
    We would like to bounce back all connection coming via the non-wired network (wi-fi) to our local homepage but keep allowing all the machines connected with a wire to have full use of both , internet and local server.
    One very important note, is that all the connected wi-fi clients, have a local address (, we do not have people connecting to our local server coming from the internet, but we deliberately wanted to share this server, only with the people in this area.
    Hope it's clear now  :)

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    So then create on the interface that that IP comes to redirecting to IP of your server.

    Something like attached.  Where interface is interface that your wireless clients would talk to pfsense on, and seems like they are behind a nat and always have a IP of so that makes it easy.  And then what IP you want to redirect them too.

    Keep in mind that if your pfsense listens on 80, you won't be able to access pfsense from that IP because your redirecting 80.

  • Hi Johnpoz, thanks for the reply, my PFSense menu looks different from the one you have, i also not able to find this "DMZ" option, can you take a screenshot of the expanded menu for that NAT configuration, thanks!

  • Okay, i played around with the options and now it seems to direct me to the server, as i can see the page from Xampp(Apache) which is refusing when i try to access.
    As our site is hosted in something like this: , i am now getting this error:"The following input errors were detected:
    "" is not a valid redirect target IP address or host alias."
    There is any ways to let PFSense accept the location address of our server, or we have to move the entire site directory to (hope not!)?

  • Right, i couldn't wait and i reinstalled the from a subdirectory to the main one, so i can confirm that your answer resolved my problem, thank you!  ;D

    I am now trying to allow a few mac address to pass through this block, still looking for it….

  • after various tests and following a guide about setting up static IP's to create something to allow back a few mac addresses, i went to the point that i had to restore everything to factory settings, as everything got blocked even after i removed everything new from NAT and Firewall, i don't know why or how, but i might need something different if i can't allow back people after this…

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