How do you tell Squid to redirect all connections?

  • Can Squid redirect all LAN to a website hosted locally? So everytime a web address is inserted, gets bounced back to the local hosted website?
    And it's possible to allow some mac addresses through this "block"?
    Thank you!

  • Install the SquidGuard Addon and create rules which allow some clients to do whatever with a custom ACL and the rest to be redirected to wherever with a Deny in the All of their own custom ACL.  You can't filter by MAC but you can by IP - make your  DHCP assign certain IP's for known MACs and you will get the results you are looking for. See to get started.

  • Thanks, i will give it a try and report back  :)

  • Looks as if i am doing something wrong, but i am using the example quoted on the interface  :-\

  • It doesn't like spaces around the "-", and I think it doesn't like new lines either - just type each element with a space between, format like:

  • Ok, the "AllowedGroup" of IP's range has been accepted, however it seems the redirect option it's not working, i did try with internal and external addresses, nothing to do….
    When i enable it, simply i can't open any pages on the LAN and gets redirected nowhere.

  • Redirects only function when a page is blocked - it's the replacement for a block message.  Try it with a block message and no redirect and see if the clients you wish to redirect get the block message.  You will also need to add a the redirect site to the Target Categories tab then set that page to Allow on the Allowed Clients rule or Whitelist it on the Common ACL page.  Otherwise it ends up in a loop of trying to visit the redirect page, oops, redirect page is blocked, so redirect, oops, redirect page blocks, so redirect . . .

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