Same VLANS on different physical ports

  • I I have figured out how to get all my equipment passing vlan info along just fine when the switched are all connected to each other and a single uplink to the pfsense box. I am now running into an issue where I am just confused, maybe its because I have been thinking about it too long.

    Here's my config.

    PFSense with 6 ports em0-em5
    em0 - wan
    em1 - lan

    OPT1 - VLAN300 on em2
    OPT2 - VLAN400 on em2

    Theoretically, how would I go about duplicating this (Opt1 and Opt2) on another physical interface? Do I need to created another virtual interface or is there something similar to tagged/untagged like on the switches?

    Attachment is desired functionality sketch. Please excuse my ignorance of pfsense. I have only been playing since yesterday.

  • Are those VLANs truly the same VLAN, or just the same ID on different, isolated switches?

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