Routing from my WLAN subnet to the webconfigurator

  • Here's the deal –

    I have a wireless router that was the main home router now behind pfSense.  I want to keep running dhcp on that box so that anyone in the house can just move the WAN cable from the cable model from pfSense box to the wireless router -- power cycle and be up and running in case there's any issues with the pfSense box.

    Currently the layout is as follows:

    cable modem --> pfsense Wan ----  pfSense Lan  ---- -- web configurator available on wired network
                                                                                |------ (TP link wan) -- TP-Link TL-WR740N -- wlan --  I can get to internet through but not to web configurator at

    When trying to set a static route on the TP-Link Wireless router I get this error:
    Error Code: 4011
    Destination Network address cannot be inside the subnet of WAN IP address, please enter again.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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