Multi-WAN fails due pinging default GW

  • I have been using multi-wan setup for many years now. I have an old WatchGuard Firebox with 1GB CF card. The version of pfSense was someting like 1.2 etc.
    Today I decided to update the newest version of pfSense. Of course the "firmware download" failed, so I decided to write up a new CF card with old settings. But somehow the old backup file wasn't acceptable. I had to make everything from the scratch.

    Now everything seems to be ok, but the multi-WAN connection wont't work. I think the main issue is that the second ISP doesn't accept of pinging the default router. Earlier I could work around this by pinging my own IP (off course the line status checking wouldn't work correctly). But this way I could use both WAN lines.

    Now, in the newest version of pfSense the load  balansing seems to be only for server load balansing and the load balancing for multi-WAN is  gateway group. So I made one with Tier1 and "packet loss or high latency" settings.

    Now I can see, that the OPT1 interface won't go online and the simple reason seems to be the fact that I can not ping my default GW in OPT1. If I logon to my ADSL modem (ZyXel prestige 660) and try to ping from the diagnostics ping, the ping also fails. I have never reached my ISP GW by pinging.

    Is there any workaround this, or shoud I just rollback to the earlier version and use my old backup file?
    I assume, the new "multi gateway" feature is better than the old one…

  • Ping something else like Google's DNS servers (

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