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  • Hello all,

    I've been looking into why my windows and OS X clients don't get the same name resolution as my Linux systems on a network, and there seems to be a number of tickets pointing to a domain-search-list option that needs to be added to dhcpcd.  There's some code in the config on 2.0.2 for domain-search-list code 119 = text; but no addtional code for domain-search-list generation.  The domain-search option which lists the multiple domains found in the web GUI config works on my linux systems, but it seems domain-search-list may be needed for others?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?  Every patch / bug I saw says at 2.0.1 that it would be in the next release, but looking at my dhcpcd.conf file it's not in there, just the code 119 line and the normal domain-search line, not domain-search-list.

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    how many domains do you need to search?  The gui has items for domain search list under dhcp server, I am running 2.1 - so maybe thats not there in 2.0.2 or .3?

    But I just use my local.lan, and my window boxes search it just fine.

  • I have that option, which creates an entry in the dhcpcd config file such as:

    option domain-search "domain1.example.com", "example.com"

    From what I can understand, however, the domain-search-list option should be used, which is formatted like "domain1.example.com example.com"

    You can see someone else who tried to address this below:


    This was listed as affecting 2.0.1 and said it would be in the next release in that thread.  Does your dhcpcd.conf file contain the right format?

  • Although it isn't noted in the 2.0.3 release, but in johnpoz's screen shot his field is asking for a semicolon to be used as a separator.  Might work on 2.0.2/3 releases although it isn't noted in the field.  I would think this would have a better chance of working under 2.0.3, but that's just a guess.

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    Again how many domains do you need to search..  Looks like all you want is parent appending search which is by default in windows, and could be adjusted via gp if needed.

    So if you put in domain1.example.com as your domain - windows by default would search domain1.example.com and then example.com and then even I believe just .com

  • Sorry, I overlooked that part.  That was just an example, I have three search domains I need.

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