Freeradius: [pfsense-2.0.2] "no response from server" [RESOLVED]

  • Trying to get Freeradius going and can't seem to get past the simple localhost radtest check.
    radiusd -X shows that the configured ports are up and listening.  A firewall rule to log inbound connections on 1812 shows that the connections are being made too (from a NAS) but also fails after the prompt for name/pass.

    Not sure how to proceed from here, but I know that I need to get things to the point that the radtest is working.
    How can I diagnose this?

  • Are you sure that your configured the "shared secret" correct on your NAS and freeradius/clients? Try without special characters - just with a simple one like password123.

    What do you mean with "fails after name/pass" ?
    What is freeradius -X telling you when you try to authenticate ? Post the output here.

    What NAS are you using ?
    Did you configure a user in freeradius –> users ?

  • Yep…checked the shared secret about 10x.  Even looked at the conf file in the GUI and the CLI, to verify.  Very simple secret. No special chars.

    I do get the same EXACT behavior though if I intentionally change the shared secret to something I know to be incorrect.  So this has me wondering.
    But like I said, looking clients.conf file, it shows the secret that I'm using as part of the radtest.  ???

  • Can you post the complete output when starting freeradius with:
    radiusd -X

    and then the complete output when trying to authenticate with a username?

    are you just trying with radtest on CLI or do you authenticate through your NAS ?
    If you try with radtest from CLI try with client IP (you need to add this client on clients.conf)

  • The user entry did the trick!  Before this, I had even created an entry for the specific IP address of the pfsense box, which didn't work.

    Thank YOU!

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