• Some weird things on the 3/31 (I think) i386 snapshot.

    I had the machine behind a router with a gateway. At first the lan didn't get an address (via DHCP) but finally it did and started working (everything is at defaults). I'm not sure but I think I unplugged and replugged the cable to get it working.

    I then tried it behind a cable modem, another network which happened to have a gateway of Strangely, the WAN seems to think it is still behind that earlier gateway. If I look at Status>gateways it says "pending pending pending". If I take the WAN interface down and restart it, it still thinks it is behind that old gateway.

    The other strange thing is that ifconfig shows an ipv6 address has been obtained for the WAN but not an ipv4 one. The LAN shows both…

    On the console the em0 (WAN) interface shows nothing, while the em1 (LAN) interface shows v4: When I had the machine temporarily working behind that first router, em0 showed an address obtained via dhcp, I think

    When booting pfsense the step "configuring WAN interface" takes a very long time, as if it is timing out.

    I wonder if I just have bad hardware?

  • Never mind, operator error. I had the modem dhcp set to issue only a single address.  ::)  Sorry about that…