Does a basic shaper config actually do anything?

  • Does the default shaping configuration without p2p queues or port/protocol prioritization actually do anything, or is it necessary to do additional configuring for it to throttle heavy users?

    I mainly just want to slow down a few LAN users that are hogging too much bandwidth for themselves, but otherwise allow anyone to use the max bandwidth.

    Wizard: Single Lan multi Wan

    WANs: 1

    LAN Scheduler

    • Download scheduler: HFSC

    Setup for WAN #1

    • Interface: WAN
    • Upload Scheduler: HFSC
    • Connection upload: 22460 kbit/sec    (actual is 23,000,000 bits/sec)
    • Connection download 22460 kbit/sec    (actual is 23,000,000 bits/sec)

    Voice over IP options

    • Disabled

    Penalty Box options

    • Disabled

    Peer to Peer options

    • Disabled

    Network games options

    • Disabled

    Raise or Lower Other Applications

    • Disabled

    So, um, is this shaper config basically useless because no prioritization is configured, or will it actually do something to help limit heavy users and balance out all traffic flow?

  • It should balance the load when full, since all traffic will have equal priority.