Dual WAN, one in Bridge mode?

  • We have occasional issues with our ISP and our neighbor has graciously offered us use of their WiFi for fallover. Is it possible to setup a dual WAN where one will be behind a residential router with a private IP address? I'd use a D-Link DAP-1522 to access the WiFi and feed it into an additional NIC on our pfSense box. I would also like to set this up strictly as a fallover connection and never use it when our DSL service is available.

    I searched for tutorials and Google searched but only find multi WAN pfSense setups where all connections are directly to an ISP. I'm assuming that this fallover may require Bridging but any pointers and advice ??? are appreciated.


  • don't know much about multi-WAN, but I do know that there are failover groups. Also, you can put the wifi wan into a lower tier in the gateway group.

  • Your direct ISP connection should be configured as a separate WAN interface. It will automatically create an entry in System > Routing > Gateways. For your WiFi failover you need to configure your 2nd NIC connected to the access point as another LAN interface and set it to DHCP. This should add an additional gateway under System > Routing > Gateways. The create a gateway group with the LAN gateway in a lower tier for failover and set the group as the default gateway.

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