Problem seeing streaming media server across subnets. (Kinsky)

  • I have tried to get the DLNA/UPNP/Etc… protocols to be visible across subnets for hours now.

    No visibility from my .2 net to my .5 net no matter what i do.

    certainly I'm doing something wrong or missing something.  Any ideas?

    The kinsky site states i need to adjust the local firewall to allow the following:
    Firewall port settings

    The Windows installer automatically adds a rule for Kinsky to the built-in Windows firewall. For other operating systems, (and for other firewalls on Windows), you might need to manually open the following ports,

    TCP 47832 to 47932 inclusive
       TCP 49832 to 49932 inclusive
       UDP 1900

    ...but that's all the instruction I get related to how to acquire this thing  on a network.

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