Bridges and VLAN

  • Hi anyone !

    Like you can see in this picture, I use PFSense like router and I'm actually faces to a little problem.

    I've got 3 cabled network interfaces, WAN1(free), WAN2(other) and LAN.
    One bridge from the VLAN100 is established between WAN1 and LAN to allow the passage of the ASDL-TV from my operator (Free[fr]).

    I will establish one other bridge between LAN and WiFi (not working interface temporarely) and one other between an OpenVPN connexion (working) and LAN.

    My problem is that the implementation of either of theis bridge causes an interruption of the trafic in the VLAN100 bridge also an interruption of the TV-services …

    Have-you any ideas ?
    As thanks as possible

  • I can only guess, but I assume that traffic is not going to your WAN1 connection because of a misplaced or misconfigured firewall rule.

    So when you enable these other two rules (WiFi<->LAN) and (OpenVPN<->LAN) either or both of those rules come before (higher on the list) the (WAN<->LAN) rule.

    I'd need to see how your VLAN, and Firewall rules are set up.  How are you creating the bridges?

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