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  • Hi All,

    I am very new to pfsense. I got firewall which has been already setup and I have to support and troubleshoot but have no documentation for this build.

    Am I right that all logs are located in var/log folder in basic setup or are there some additional automatic locations for like old logs or overgrown ones (the server is not setup to send logs to external servers)?

    Also when I want to view logs through GUI I go to Status -> System logs but in my GUI it is set to 50 entries and there is a X clear button - does this button clears the 50 on the display or does it clear the whole content of the selected log? It seems to be clearing all logs :( well lesson learned.

    Sorry for noob questions and thank you for answering.


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    Most of your questions are answered here:


    As for the clear button, it clears the entire log file, not just what you see.

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