Limit any user in Lan to 128kbps down and 128kbps, pls. check my settings

  • hi, i have limited the downloads and uploads of my lan users to 128kbps downloads and 128kbps uploads but when i checked the traffic graph there are still users that exceeds the limiter. here's my traffic graph.

    here's my firewall rules and alias


    in my floating rules i used 2 limiters webin (Upload) = 400kbps (mask=none) webout (Download) = 1500mbps (mask=none)

    in my lan rule i used also 2 limiters for lan_in_inbound = 128kbps (mask=source) and lan_out_inbound = 128kbps (mask=destination)


    in my wan rule i used also 2 limiters for lan_in_outbound = 128kbps (mask=source) and lan_out_outbound = 128kbps (mask=destination)

    hope you can help me on this ,,, TIA !

  • Sounds overly complex. You just need two limiters. One for LAN inbound with a source mask and one for LAN outbound with a destination mask. Make sure they have schedules or they won't work on 2.1!

  • @markluhde
    thanks for the reply ,,, btw can you give an example on how to use it, it is my first time to use limiters with schedule. thanks again.  ;)

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