Pfsense 2.0.3 in Transperant Bridge mode

  • Hi,

    I have Pfsense 2.0.3 for 64 bit. I want to install it in bridge mode. As i want WAN and LAN ip for same range. our network ip range is /24. And gateway for this network is Now i want to bring pfsense in between our network gateway and lan users and client. i have allocated one ip to pfsense So all our local lan users and client will pass through pfsense for all services (like internet,mail, chat, business application etc) and they will be ruled by polices set on pfsense for firewall and url filtering.

    So can any one guide me how to install pfsense in bridge mode (bridging wan and lan interfaces).

    I have tried few of the documents which i found of pfsense website and also from other support website. Also tried other few of the solutions after doing google. but still i am not able to get through this.

  • Hi,

    In continuous to previous post. i have tried to configure transparent bridge mode in new installation of pfsense 2.0.3 64 bit. Installation has been done completely with out error.

    I have two NIC card on system. One is for WAN and other for LAN.

    Now i tried to configure bridge transparent mode for my firwall. for this i have refer to this document. Firewall-Filtering Bridge - pfSense 2.0.2 By William Tarrh.pdf

    But soon after i create bridge of WAN and LAN i lost ping on WAN ip.

    To make sure i check firewall rule and it is all allow on WAN and LAN. Aslo NAT is configured to "Manual outbound NAT rule generation (AON – Advanced Outbound NAT)”. Confirmed that "“”" is set to 1. LAN ip is set to "None". All the configuration are set as per document.

    But still as soon as WAN and LAN is configured in Bridge connectivity to WAN IP is lost. Even i am not able to get to Interface to create OPT.

    I carried out this all step three times with upmost care. but same issue. Dont know where and what i m missing.

    Can any one help me out in this.

  • The complete configuration will be done from the WAN. After you set your WAN IP from the initial configuration and login to pfSense for the first time be sure to set a rule on the WAN firewall tab that allows WAN to ANY with ANY protocol, save and apply these settings. If you don't create this rule you will be locked out as soon as the LAN interface is enabled.

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