PFsense WAN interface to internet

  • Hi,

    Got PFsense installed last week and most things are working good but my firewall logs are getting filled with blocks from the pfsense wan interface.
    My setup is currently  internet/wan -> router/modem( -> pfsensewan interface ( -> pfsenselan interface ( - > lan subnet.
    Im running the modem in routing mode instead of bridged since its more stable.

    In the log I get a lot of blocks from the pfsense wan ip towards the wan interface on port  80. PFsense is treating it as incoming wan traffic that wants to go out on the same interface.
    Should this traffic even pass the firewall? How can I get rid of it?
    Im not having any problems but it is annoying to have it there.

    Best Regards

  • My Router does this, i believe its just the over sensitive blocks detected by PFsense, but its nothing to be alarmed about. I would seek getting more public IP addresses to resolve something like this in my opinion. and change the settings. Most ISPs can provide you with this.

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