Multi-WAN Routing Problem

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently trying to implement a new way for our network to have internet. Long story short, I'm switching our main ISP Provider to a dedicated link between us and our disaster recovery site, which it will be our gateway to internet. Both sites have pfsense firewalls with a dedicated link that links each one of them. I'm currently accessing internet via this dedicated link without any problems. The main thing is I'm trying to NAT a WAN IP from my DR site to my primary site on a webserver, then reply on the same link that it came from, but the firewall at my primary site always try to respond via his WAN link, which is wrong, cause he has to go back on the dedicated link to answer. I can see the connections from my dedicated link to my webserver, so it's only on the reply side that the problem is.

    Anyone have any ideas why my main firewall doesn't redirect the request on the link where it came from?


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