Unable to access internet - external proxy

  • Hello,

    I just installed a pfsense on a watchguard x700 box.
    With the original wachtguard software i could connect to the internet without any problems.

    So whats connected:
    On WAN –> ip lease from external DHCP --> no problem
    ON LAN --> used as trusted connection for configuration of the pfsense --> no problem
    ON OPT1 --> connection(s) to workstations --> given ip from dhcp --> no problem

    To connect the internet we use a external proxy server and i entered this information in "System - Advanced - Miscellaneous - Proxy URL"
    The DNS server(s), also external, i entered in "System - DNS servers - + gateway = none"

    I can test with DNS lookup if a ip adress resolves --> thats working

    But still, i can't connect to the internet.

    What do i wrong, or where should i place proxy/dns servers.

    I added a rule, to test, on WAN, LAN, OPT1 with no restrictions.

    Ping test from WAN = OK
    Ping from LAN and OPT1 is 100% packet loss --> NOK

    Thanks for any support on this.

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