Upnp and crashplan port mapping issue

  • Hello,

    I use crashplan on my network as a backup tool.  Over the past few months I've been trying to fix an issue without a port forwarding rule.  Often, I find my pfsense firewall will not allow backups to be allowed in- blocked port 4242 at the firewall in the log.  I have UPNP and NAT PMP enabled on the connection.  Crashplan will use either - it successfully maps over NAT PMP but the port is not correct.  Its supposed to be 4242 but the status page shows NAT-PMP 9623 tcp.  This is not correct.  Thoughts as to why this occurs?

  • Have you been able to resolve this I am having the same problem.

  • Banned

    1/ That thread is 4 years old.
    2/ Why the heck would you use UPnP instead of a static port forward?  ::)

  • Ease of use really. Having multiple computers, I'd rather not deal with mapping them all to static ports and trying to manage that.

    I have multiple computers with Crashplan and I can see the ports mapped in the UPNP Status.

  • Same here. No need to set diffrent ports for each computer either, the app seems to be using random external port to the same 4242 local so that cool too.

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