Can't get to my modem's info page. Yes I used the guide

  • Before you ask, yes I read the guide on the wiki (

    So with that out of the way, here's the situation: I'm running 2.1-BETA and am trying to set up something so I can get to my modem's information page at  The setup of my router is nothing complicated beyond a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel, and the LAN is on

    Where I think the wrinkle comes in is that my modem is not a cable or PPPoE modem, as I'm fortunate enough to have Static IP DSL.  The modem itself just provides access, while the interface must be configured manually on the router/computer side.  When I do this connected directly to the computer, everything works fine and I can get to the modem information page.  When I do it through pfsense I get nothing.

    As I said, I've followed the guide above.  The 2.0 instructions aren't right since I my modem isn't PPPoE (I can't create an OPT interface on the WAN NIC since it already has one) and the 1.2.3 instructions don't work.  So now I'm here.  Thoughts?

  • Hi,

    Can you ping modem from PC? Can you ping modem from pfsense?

  • Are you saying that in order to configure the modem plugged into your PC you must set your network card to a address? And when you want to access the Internet you must simply configure your network card to your public IP address?

    In that case you need to add a Virtual IP on your WAN interface (or whichever interface is configured to the em* port the modem is plugged into) with an address like Then add a static route on the modem to using as the gateway.

    If you cannot add a static route on the modem, you can instead add a manual outbound NAT rule to on the WAN interface and use as the NAT translation address.

  • Thanks for the replies.  As it turns out this entire effort is moot, since the modem information page actually malfunctioned entirely sometime during this process.  It's no longer accessible at all even when plugged directly into the computer.  I'm not sure when this happened, though I know it was working immediately prior to my last attempt to get it accessible through the router.

    Once I get a new modem I'll see if your suggestions help, if they were needed at all.  Thank you again, and sorry for the relative pointlessness of this topic.

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