Slow performance when using Limiters per IP Address on LAN Rules

  • Hi Guys…

    I've created 5 limiters. Two to restrict upload traffic and three for download traffic.

    I have approx 20 computers and have applied the limiters to all of them...

    This has resulted in a very slow internet experience for all users. Web pages take longer to load. Downloads are agonizingly slow, and while online speed tests reflects accurate ping times, the actual speed tests are very slow to complete for both download and upload measurements.

    IS there anything that can be done to increase the performance of limiters when applied to 20 users plus?

    Thanks, Jits...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In the advanced options for your limiters, try increasing the queue size slots, maybe try some values such as 500, 1000, etc.

  • Does employing limiters impact ACK transit times?  Do ACK's need to be broke out and treated differently than the bulk of limited traffic so as not to cause unintended performance penalties?

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