FOR SALE: Firebox x700 w/ upgraded Proc & RAM $150

  • So this started off as a disguarded, mostly scoffed at Firewall in our IT closet of spare parts. I came across a PFSense posting about it so I decided to give it a shot.

    This Firebox is running PFSense 2.0.3 flawlessly. I'm amazed at how stable it runs PFSense & how all the hardware is recognized and working. This went from being unused office junk, barely used since purchase to running for close to 6 months without a reboot at my house. Not too many hours on this box.

    I just upgraded myself to an XTM5 series and need to clear some room in my half rack.


    Proc upgraded to 1.4GHz but I will include the original Processor
    RAM upgraded to 512MBs but I will include original 256MB module
    2GB CF Card
    6x 10/100 Ethernet Ports
    LCD Menu & buttons working with LCDProc-Dev + SDECLCD driver
    SafeNet VPN/SSL Accelerator Card working
    Serial Port working

    I'm in the NYC/NJ area but am willing to ship it as long as buyer is willing to pay for shipping cost.

  • How did you get the accelerator card working with PFSense?

  • @ghostshell:

    How did you get the accelerator card working with PFSense?

    I would love to know this too!  ;D

  • The info on the Safenet card is in the forums:

    It works as of PFSense 2.0 RC1 and is recognized as SafeXcel-1141 using the safe(4) driver.

    I think what most people don't realize is that since the card is recognized and supported by FreeBSD, when configuring your VPN server you must select BSD Cryptodev Engine under the Hardware Crypto setting. I tested this using an OpenVPN connection with BSD Cryptodev Engine selected and with No Hardware Crypto Acceleration selected, and I saw a noticeable change in CPU usage when transferring data.

    The pfsense watchguard docs need to be updated as it states the driver does not work correctly which I think dates back to PFSense v1.2:

    Thanks to StephenW10 and others for all their great work with the Watchguard boxes.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah, that was based on the reports of failure in the X700 thread under various pfSense versions including 2.0.X.
    I'll try to do some testing myself and get some numbers.


  • Curious if you noticed much difference with the P3 1.4 CPU upgrade. I fried my original C1200 so I've got a P3-866 in mine but its workload is very small.