Site to Site VPN Max 900kb/s (AES-128-CBC, and with none)

  • Hi Everyone =)
    I just followed all the instructions of this guide,12888.0.html
    Everything works. Thanks to the author and other involved people.

    BUT my big problem is, that i only get 900-maximum 1000kb/s over this Tunnel.. Doesnt matter which ip i acces over the tunnel its everytime not much more than 900kb/s.
    I Use AES-128-CBC Encryption. Both pfsense (client and server) are running on VMware Workstation 9. And both Hosts have enough Ressources to handle it. (I even tried with cipher none… ended up with the same)

    When i do a direct download of a file of the server (a dedicated root server with 1gbit fd) to my home (100mbits/5mbitup) i get more then 12,4mb/s... maximum 13,1 megabyte per second (yes my broadband goes up to approx 107mbits several times a day..)

    What can be my error? I even turned on the "magic" fastforwarding option which helped absolutely nothing :/.. Can maybe the VMware Workstation be the bottleneck? I cant imagine because i ran a win7 x64 test machine (on the rootserver) and set the default gateway to my pfsense firewall and downloaded a file from my own server with approx 600mbits... so i dont know where the bottleneck will be. Can somebody please help me? =)

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