Disable LAN Firewall's log

  • Hi Everyone,

    The PF firewall is constantly blocking LAN packets (netbios, broadcast, various UDP stuff, …). What worries me is that the FW's log is completely flooded with these LAN events. This make FW statistics completely irrelevant since I'm more concerned about WAN and DMZ events.
    Is there a way to disable/hide LAN events ?


  • +1 for me…  ;D

  • Could you uncheck [System Logs > Settings > Log packets blocked by the default rule], and then create a rule for WAN and DMZ, at the bottom, that blocks all and logs?

    Edit: or even don't bother unchecking that 'Log packets blocked by the default rule', and create a rule at the bottom of LAN with block all, that doesn't log (leave 'Log packets that are handled by this rule' in the rule unchecked).

  • Rezin, it totally works…
    I added just one block-all rule on the LAN and I got just what I expected.
    Thanks !

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