Local lan traffic is blocking some traffic

  • Hi,

    so here's an abridged version of my home network

    When I'm in scenario 1, ethernet plugged in, my roku can talk to the outside world.  I can use Crackle, etc.  No problems.  My PC can ping the Roku.  No problem.  But, my roku can not see my local PlexMediaServer running on a local ubuntu box.  The Ubuntu box can not ping the roku.

    When I'm in scenario 2, which is switching the roku to connect wirelessly to a birdged router, which still uses pfsense for DHCP, the roku can see the outside world, and can see my local PlexMediaServer

    I'm new to pfSense (1 week so far), and have come a long way with it.  Loving it the entire time.  Except for this little bugger.

    How can I fix scenario 1 so I can plug in the ethernet cable and still talk to my local plex server?

    8 ports on my box.  first port is wan.  The rest of bridge0 into "Opt7".  That's where all my local lan plugs into these.


  • Can't do anything without details of all interfaces & NAT rules.

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