LAN Server Load Balancing w/VIP - not working

  • Hello All,

    I've been searching the interwebs and the pfsense boards and haven't come across solving my issue with server load balancing within my LAN. i'm using release 2.0.1 on my pfsense appliance.
    here's the process I followed:

    • create virtual IP (used a free IP from the /24 on LAN segment ,
    • create ICMP monitor
    • create 2 pools (idns1 and idns2) - idns1 - internal DNS, idns2 - external dns server1, external dns server2
    • create 1 virtual server - using idns1 for primary pool and idns2 for fall back pool - using relay protocol dns

    the status for pools and virtual servers shows green. relayctl from CLI shows everything I expect to see:

    [2.0.1-RELEASE][admin@br01.b.lan]/etc(60): relayctl show summary
    Id  	Type    	Name                    	Avlblty	Status
    1   	redirect	vs1                     	       	active
    1   	table   	idns1:53                	       	active (1 hosts)
    1   	host            	100.00%	up
    2   	table   	idns2:53                	       	active (2 hosts)
    2   	host          	100.00%	up
    3   	host          	100.00%	up

    If I issue a dig query from a workstation on the lan segment to the VIP, the query times out. Not sure if someone has this kind of scenario setup and could offer some guidance, etc. that would be much appreciated.


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