NAT between lans

  • Hello.

    Is it possible to NAT between lans in pfsense ? Here's the problem:

    PFS1 LAN 1:
    PFS1 LAN 2:

    PFS2 LAN 1:
    PFS2 LAN 2:
    PFS2 LAN 3:

    PFS3 LAN1:
    PFS3 LAN2:

    So I have 3 pfsense boxes serving clients on LAN1 subnets with back to back networks between them for routing, I want to NAT requests from PFS1 LAN1 subnet has they reach PFS2 and going to PFS3: accessing routes trough, applies NAT has, routes trough and reaches has so the packet has a route back, which can only be on

    Is this possible ?

    I have all the routing taking place and connections from reach PFS3 with destination, but the source IP is not being nated and appears has instead of

    On PFS2 box I have enabled advanced NAT and created a rule like this:

    Interface: LAN2
    Nat Address:
    ANY dst and src port

    But the packets are still hitting destination with the original src address .

    Any way of making this work ?


  • Banned

    Huh… why'd you do any such thing?

  • Cause the costumer only routes, politics.

    Nervermind I get it. I was doing the NAT at the wrong interface, working now.

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