No DNS for LAN pFsense 2.1-RC (i386)

  • Hardware Specs, pendium 4, 2GBram, 2xPCI NICs, and a HDD

    hi everyone, i'm pretty new to pFsense and bsd, but I can follow direction pretty well. Last night I attempted to setup a pFsense box with the latest experimental snapshot pfSense-memstick-2.1-RC1-i386-20130821-0129.img.gzp to install from a usb, which I was able to do successfully. Everything went smoothly up until the LAN DHCP setup[which confused me sinceI didn't have do that for the stable version]. I was able to connect to the webPortal and complete the configuration but when I checked for internet access I got and error of cannot find DNS server, So I decided to checked the dashboard to see if i got an IP from my modem and I can see theres an IP in the WAN [ISP:DHCP] and I see my LAN IP. What am I missing?

    thank you for your help on this in advance.

  • Are you using the default rules for LAN? Try dropping to command line and running "ping" and also "nslookup" and see what you get. Also check the DNS forwarder service to make sure its started.

  • thank you podilarius, I think there's something going on with the DNS on the snapshot version of 2.1-RC, I downloaded the stable version and everything is working fine now. There is an extra step in 2.1-RC which confuses me when setting up the LAN if you choose to, it asked me for the IP, and then the default gateway, then the ranges for DHCP, probably those options i am not doing right, for now I will stick with the stable version thank you.

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