• Hi.. I'm using pfsense 2.03 and everything was running smoothly up until the last couple of days.. I have an old dell box configured with a couple of intel pro 1000 GT cards. trouble is the wan interface just would not pick up an IP from the dhcp ethernet modem. The wan ip would mostly show but sometimes be flicking on an off with an ip address. now I've switched the wan interface over the old onboard card and this seems to be holding an ip…

    my question is has anyone seen this behaviour before? Is it a faulty nic asnd if so how can I test further, if not is there some configuration error that could cause this..

    many thanks

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Swapping the assignment and the cables to see if the problem follows the card or the port is the best first test.

    Swapping cables would tell if you have a bad cable
    Swapping assignments would tell if you have a bad card
    If the problem stays on the WAN, you may also need to try a new modem/upstream device to eliminate that as well.

    If it was working find and nothing changed and it randomly started flaking out, hardware is usually the first suspect.

  • thanks. yep changing the assignment to the onboard card and wan holds up. so figure I need a new lan card..