6rd and Centurylink

  • Hello,

    I am using a pfsense (2.1-RC0 - 8/20/2013) behind a Actiontec Q1000 router to do PPoE and 6RD on a Centurylink DSL link. I get an IPv6 address for the WAN interface, but i am stuck configuring the LAN interface side. How do I proceed? Is 6rd still broken?



  • Hi Maurice,

    As far as I can tell 6RD is still (still!) broken…..at least I haven't seen a build come through in the last 8 months that works with Charter.

    Here's the link to the ticket I opened back when I first noticed that something had changed and the builds were no longer working with 6RD:


    The last answer i got from the devs was that "I have only seen that on misconfigurations of pfSense" but I have no idea where that misconfiguration might be and have not gotten any hints as to where to look.


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