Interface statistics

  • i dont understand the LAN Bytes Out number



    bytes in----5gb-------628mb

    bytes out--960mb-----5gb

    WAN, 5gb, i get that, 5gb downloaded and 960mb uploaded

    LAN, 628mb in?  i dont get that.  in this case, the LAN downloaded 5gb (had to go through the WAN to get it), why is it showing as bytes out?  out to where?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Traffic that is downloaded to a client behind pfSense has to pass IN to the WAN interface and then OUT of the LAN interface. It's recorded on both interfaces. Uploads are also recorded on both interfaces but in the opposite direction.

    Perhaps a better question would be why has the pfSense box sent out more data over the WAN than it has received from the LAN?  ;) More than one internal interface perhaps.


  • ok, makes sense, it is leaving the lan interface OUT to the lan PC/client like you said.

    yes, there is a vlan interface that i didnt add the statistics for since it is rarely used.

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