Windows Home Server and pfSense certificate issue

  • Hello Everyone,
    I have just recently migrated over to a pfSense box and everything is working as advertised, however i do have one problem. i am running a WHS (windows home server) on my network and have configured all ports to forward correctly, although when i try to access my remote page from the LAN or from a remote machine i presented with "The server's security certificate is revoked!" error. But i cant figure out how i am supposed to add the cert for my whs to pfsense. the other anomaly is i can access the site from my android phone running google chrome. any help is appreciated.


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  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    what does your cert being revoked have to do with pfsense??

    pfsense has nothing to do with the certs for, what is the CRL for your cert?
    SHA1: 53598906e3629ea6a964b198f00aaec9aca69f7c
    RSA 2048 bits / SHA1withRSA

    So grabbed your cert, took a look at serial number - and yup on the crl  which you can grab here

  • thanks for the reply, but up until Tuesday when i built the pfsense machine i was running a linksys router (BEFSR81) and had absolutely no problem, so just by deduction i was figuring it had to do with the new firewall. i can try changing the host name via live domains and see if i get issued a new cert and see if that works. but the details of the cert say its valid until 2018. maybe i am missing something, i am not to keen on certs.

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    Look at my edit – its clearly on the revoked list..

    And no the cert your serving does not say its good til 2018, says 5/26/2017

    if you turn off verification you can get in, btw that background is just plain horrific!!  Maybe that is why they revoked your cert on the 28th ;)

    Serial Number: 07F7F03727BD49
            Revocation Date: Aug 28 02:03:13 2013 GMT
            CRL entry extensions:
                X509v3 CRL Reason Code:
                    Cessation Of Operatio

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