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  • Hi All,

    I have pfSense powering a wired home LAN. Mostly default settings. I've purchased a wifi AP and plugged it into the switch on the LAN. The DHCP lease given to the wifi AP was but the wifi AP instllation docs say the IP should be (different subnet) Currently I'm unable to access the wifi AP web based administration page thorugh either or

    What should I do to get this working?

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    Which docs? Regardless, any IPs used there are just an example! Assign the IP as needed (and for that matter, leaving it dynamic is a bad idea.)

  • Hey doktornotor

    The docs for the Intellinet Wireless 300N Access Point are below


    I've assigned the static IP which is on the same subnet as the LAN. This still doesn't work. Are there step by step instructions anywhere on how to create an IP address on a different subnet?

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    Let me state again: "any IPs used there are just an example!" Now, time for some Google "networking 101".  ;)

  • Hmmm.  Here is what I would do.  Take your AP and plug it directly into a laptop.  Then give the laptop a static IP of and browse to  (assuming this is the default IP of the AP)

    Change the default IP of the AP to a static IP that will work on your pfsense LAN - Like for instance.

    I have a trendnet AP here and its exactly the same headache when you first switch it on.

    You do know how to set a static IP on your laptop lan interface right?
    After switching static IP of your AP to be on your pfsense LAN subnet plug it into your pfsense and change your laptop settings back to what they were.

  • I just took a quick look at your manual.  Starting on page 8 they describe how to set the ip of a windows machine to access the AP menu directly without a router or DHCP so that you can change your AP default IP to something that works for you.

    They used for laptop IP.  No big diff.

    When you get into the menu, just change the AP static IP to something that will work on your LAN - 192.168.1.x    (preferable outside DHCP range)

  • In addition to what kejianshi suggested above:

    Check that the subnet mask set in the AP matches what you have for the rest of your LAN, probably going to be by default.

    Confirm you have it set to AP mode, page 27 in the English manual.

    At this point you should be able to reboot the AP, connect it to your LAN and access it by the IP you assigned.

    Once you have it working on your LAN and can access it for administration and connect to it wirelessly you can make any other changes that you might like.

    I do use DHCP to set my AP's IP address but have pfSense set to always assign it the same IP using the static mapping option on this page: pfsense/services_dhcp.php That makes it less hassle to connect to since you can then use the host name you assign instead of the IP and if you need to move the AP to a new IP all your bookmarks using the host name will continue to work.

    If you want to stay with a static IP then you can still assign a host name to the AP so you don't have to type in the IP address. Here: pfsense/services_dnsmasq.php

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