Traffic Shaper: Limiter does not work for IPV6 traffic

  • Regardless of limiter specification, any IPV6 rule that applies upstream and downstream traffic limits will result in EXTREMELY slow IPV6 rate.

  • Hi jcyr

    I have the same problem with IPv6 regardless if it is a floating or a normal rule.

    How much bandwith for UP/Down you get ?

    I can reach a maximum of 300 kbit/s down and around 40 kbit/s for up.



  • I can't answer that, since I don't recall the exact numbers. I've moved away for limiter and now use HFSC queues to manage bandwidth. Too a while to figure out and tune the settings, but ended up with good results for both IPV4 and IPV6.

  • Does this issue still exist?

    If you don't use limiter due to the IPV6 issue, how do you ensure fair bandwidth use by users when only using HFSC traffic shaper?

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