Is it possible?

  • I'm wondering is it possible to connect pfsense to a wireless AP? Example setup would be AP-Wireless card-PFsense computer- wireless router-all my computer and gaming equipment.  I know that setup might not be best but it's what I have to work with. Is there a way to connect PFsense WAN to a wireless AP?


  • Sure…  Its absolutely possible.

    Just get an AP.  Put the AP in wireless client mode.  Have it grab an IP from the wireless and dish out either a static IP on its CAT5 port or DHCP for pfsense's WAN.  Then plug the pfsense WAN into that.  Make sure the IPs don't overlap between the original modem, the AP and pfsense.

    It should be easy enough.  (This way things are double NATed)

    P.S.  Be sure to ask permission from your neighbor before you attach to his wireless.  ::)

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, or use a supported wifi card directly in the pfSense box if you don't have a any signal problems.


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