NAT configuration for 2 Internal servers issue

  • Hi guys im currently got a Pf Sense running and i got a VPN server running on it fine but now i need to have forwarding on it and out from my logical thinking my setup in nat and firewall rule should work. But none of the trafik seams to be alowed forwarded every connections i see is block and has this : @3 block drop in log inet all label "Default deny rule IPv4"

    in my sense it should be goign though i can see in the log they trying to reach the server. below is my NAT setup.

    WAN TCP    *        *        WAN address      8080      192.168.x.x      8080
    WAN TCP    *        *        WAN address      80          192.168.x.x      80

    and the NATs have rules Associated with them. they look like this

    IPv4            *        *      192.168.x.x        8080      *    none
    IPv4            *        *      192.168.x.x        80          *    none

    For the lan side i have this :

    *      *      *      LAN address  80    *      *  Anti-lockou rule

    IPv4    LAN net    *      *    *    *    none

    with the configuration above am i not correct in saying it should forward the trafik ?

    below is a pic of my log :

    im aware some of the log info can be related to the state noise but in what can see i should be able to get through with this setup but none is let through and its blocked im hoping may some here might have experianced the same issue and could share some tips.

    in advance thanks.

  • i ran a tcpdump on the wan interface to make sure the isp is not blocking the ports and they are open the wan interface are getting the connections its puzzling that pf sense is not matching the rules and forwards it.