RDD Graph issue on reboot

  • Hi all.

    I'm having an issue where it appears that every time I reboot, the RDD Graphs are recording a large amount of Traffic during those few minutes while it is rebooting. As you can see in the attachments, during a reboot from 1:07am to 1:10am last night it logged about 16GB of traffic of all types. Some of it is IPv6 which I don't even have.

    I rebooted again as a test around 9:57am and it recorded about another 10GB of traffic, although none of it IPv6 this time.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this or if there are specific entries I should look for in the System log?

    Thank you!

    EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention I'm on 2.1 - Release amd64.  Just upgraded last night, but I was seeing this issue also when using RC2.

  • Hi

    I also have this problem with 2.1 64-bit version on ESXi (both on 5.1 and 5.5).
    Really sad when the graphs get ruined. Same as you I also get it on IPv6 which I dont even use.

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