ISP BILLING and CUSTOMER administration

  • Hello World

    I am trying to set up a small ISP, but i am clueless when it comes to customer administration software as well billing

    I need a BILLING software solution (desirable open source) and as well an easy way to admin users, control Bandwidth and control how to "suspend" an account for non payment or whatever the reason is….

    Please email me a proposal as well your desirable compensation for that

    Thanks so much and have a very nice day !!!

  • You might use pfsense as an edge device, with the captive portal talking to some RADIUS server for authentication & getting shaping features.

    But billing and customer administration? That is a completely different kettle of fish. I've used Inomial's Smile(it's not open source) which does the types of things you are asking, and it's a massive software package.

  • I think the forums at WHT may be of more use to you.  The colo provide that we use (Fiberhub, RobT on the WHT forums) has a great management software that tracks usage, does the billing, invoicing, and even processes CC pmts.  It's very easy to use from the customer facing web-portal side of the install but unfortunately I do not know the name of the software package.  Login is at if you can clean any info from that page.

  • Best billing solution I've come across is WHMCS. It's primarily designed for web hosts, but it does everything. I use it for my PC service company. I apologize that it is not open source, nor free, but it can suit you in many ways.

    If your looking to use captive portal then WHMCS also has a FreeRadius plugin that you can get. The software has full automation of suspension, deletion, creation and more. It also has many payment gateways and will automatically provision an account after payment.

  • Moved from WHMCS to hostbill when I found out that whmcs had used a web hosting company that allowed an unknown person to run away with the whmcs database (the one storing our cc details), then on to blesta when the company coughsingle guycough behind hostbill decided that a template update is an important program update. Stuck with one of the old hostbill licenses (the "datacenter" one, unlimited addons/plugins/whatever for life) and don't wish it even on my enemies.
    Not changing away from blesta for the foreseable future. It's not open source in the traditional ripoff-the-code-and-run-away-selling-a-product-similar-to-it sense, but it's open as in you can view the code and the only thing you can't view is the license authorization (although the developers posted a guide on how to reverse engineer it, the proper way). Yes it does cost money, but not much if you consider you don't have to develop your own custom program.
    Experience so far? Pretty responsive dev team, good community spirit over on their forums. Being able to view the source allowed me to perform a couple of important modifications that were needed for The Company.
    It's my personal choice for customer billing/management.YMMV

  • @gequiros
    If you are still looking for one, pop me a mail

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