Help me: Allow all traffic on Lan communication not VPN

  • I used to Pfsense and configuation open all rules on firewall.
    But I cannot connect to ip by VPN on windows.

    Please help me!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Who says that IP is listening for vpn from windows? Did you try other types then L2TP?

    Did you think of turning on logging ;)  And looking at it?

    So I get this error - see below

    As to your rules – WTF is allowallinternet as an alias?

    And why would you call out ports 1 to 65k, what about if not a port but a protocol? Your only allowing tcp/udp -- If your wanting to do l2tp/ipsec then protocol 50 would have to be allowed ESP.  Your only allowing tcp/udp.

    Can you spell out the vpn protocol used, and then we can tell you the port/protocol requirements.  Simple easy test - does it work when you have an any any rule?  If so then we can work up the rules to allow it that are more restrictive.  But going to need some details of the vpn endpoint your trying to connect too.. It is a service, or place of work - have they posted the details/requirements of how to connect to them via vpn?  I show the IP your trying to connect to being in Laos

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