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  • Hello Guys,

    In the previous version (2.0.1 maybe) I had a group of people who could create the vouchers, I was given the permission to see:

    -WebCfg - Services: Captive portal Vouchers page
    -WebCfg - Services: Captive portal Voucher Rolls page

    But today after the update (2.1) when I login with the restricted user the browser can not redirect the page.

    The problem is that in the previous version, after logging in, the browser redirects to:

    but in the new version the page is:
    and does not work.

    If I ignore the browser error and paste https://myip:myport/services_captiveportal_vouchers.php?zone=cpzone into the browser works but I prefer it work in automatic mode

    Can I change the redirect page or setting permissions to replicate the working previous methods?

    thanks to all

  • Hi Bro Diaste,

    I am having same issue as you,
    Only when I copy paste the link manually (https://<ip address="">:<port number="">/services_captiveportal_vouchers.php?zone=cpzone), I can login properly to the captive portal voucher page.

    have you found any workaround / solution already for this issue?
    This is very useful to limit the privilege of my receptionist.

    Thanks!  :)</port></ip>

  • Hi guys,

    I found a bug related to this issue, and will be fixed in 2.1.1
    Hopefully 2.1.1 come out soon  :D


    PFSense 2.1 - Captive Portal Zone - is not avaible in user effective privileges
    Added by Francisco Craviotto about 1 month ago. Updated 14 days ago.

    Status: Feedback Start date: 09/18/2013
    Priority: Normal Due date:
    Assignee: - % Done:
    Category: User manager
    Target version: 2.1.1
    Affected version: 2.1


    PFsense 2.1. If you configure an user only to access to captive portal, it doesn´t work, I supose why: in user management, adding effective privileges, I add all privileges about services - captive portal and status - captive portal, and only this privileges to an user. When I login as this user, I can´t login pfsense web configurator. In pfsense console I see "successful login" for the user, but web configurator doesn´t work. I supose it is because there is a new level "zones" in captive portal.

  • Thx Twibowo!!!

    I apply the patch and now works!  ;)

  • Hi Diaste,

    Which patch did you install?
    Please advise

    Thank you,  :)

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