Traffic being blocked despite rules allowing

  • I have a pfSense 1.2RC2 box in a bridge mode with LAN & WAN.

    If I UNTICK the "enable filtering bridge" mode in Advanced settings, then traffic can pass.

    However, if I TICK that option AND allow all traffic in a rule in the LAN then nothing passes.

    However, the traffic logs are showing the ping attemps, with a green arrow in the "Act" column, implying that they should be passing….but they're not.

    It works fine on an LAN & OPT1 interface, but not if I bridge the LAN & WAN.  Anyone any ideas?

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  • Nailed it.

    NATting on the WAN interface is enabled by default.  Switch NAT off (and remember to apply the changes because I did try switching NAT of earlier, but hadn't realised I hadn't applied it)

    God, I've spent ages trying to figure out why that was!

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