2.1 + Alix 128MB: does not work, not enough memory

  • Be advice, pfsense 2.1 can not run properly on Alix with 1Gb Flash and 128MB ram.

    Tried configuring only 1 web process and confirmed php cache was not enabled. RRD graphs and other start up rutines crash.


  • Can you confirm that it does not work (= killed: out of swap space messages) with just the factory defaults & Block Bogon Networks unchecked on all interfaces?
    Unchecking Block Bogon Networks will let it run without the big bogonsv6 table loaded into pf memory.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I have one system in the wild left that has 128mb ram and it does work, though it doesn't have any VPNs or other similar features enabled, just a PPPoE WAN, DDNS, and NAT and a handful of rules.

  • Got an old Alix .2C0 LX700 and 128M ram in the lab.

    Experimenting problems with web interface, 500: internal server error, but the connections stay up.
    Never had problems before 2.1 release

    I have vpn and experimenting vlans

    Just changed for a lx800 and 256M ram

    Ill see then


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I have a Soekris with 128M and 2.1-RELEASE 4g.

    Running simple NAT/PAT to PPPoE WAN + one OpenVPN tunnel and routinely see these:

    Nov  9 03:48:52 sysname kernel: pid 63874 (php), uid 0, was killed: out of swap space

    I am coming to the conclusion that 128M is no longer adequate and am about to order a netgate 2D13 as a replacement.

    This is a new install, with OpenVPN replacing IPSec on a Cisco RV042 so I can't compare this install with 2.0.3.

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