Prevent all redirects by mobile provider

  • Hello,

    i would like to prevent all redirects by the mobile data plan provider.

    The reason for this is, that we are using the captive portal with a mobile data plan and if the bought data expire, the mobile provider redirects to a page, where you can buy extra data, without need to login.

    Is it possible to prevent all of these redirects?

  • You should decide what you want to do with the redirects, simply block them, redirect to your own page, what?

  • I just want to block them.

  • Hi,

    I'm still searching for a solution for this.

    A redirect to a custom page would also be ok.

    Thank you in advance.

  • If you simply block with a rule the client will get a "network error" or "page not found" error.  This is generally undesirable as it usually causes user confusion and complaint calls.  Better to redirect to an HTTP server on your local network to a static webpage explaining the redirect.

    Decide if you want to block or redirect and I'll provide the info.  I'll monitor this thread for your reply.

  • You can not block redirected page if your operator is using destination NAT.
    Only possible way in this case is if you can capture the event of "expiration" and do redirect before the operator.

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