Firewall ACLs don´t work

  • Hello Guys,

    i´ve got a problem. I have installed a pfSense on a esxi as a virtual machine. Internet connection, vpn and port forwarding works fine.
    I get the following message in the event log:

    The source ip is my domain controller ( and the destination is a client pc on a different subnet ( These logs are produced by connecting this client to a exchange account. (exchange 2007, hosted by the domain controller). Routing working fine between these subnets, i can ping the DC, working over RDP on the DC and i can open network drives over smb from the client for example. Only connecting to exchange do not work.

    I´ve got the following ACLs on Firewall Rules configured:

    But that doesn´t work. With creating a easy rule over the system log (see in first picture) it doesn´t work too.

    I also checked personal firewalls, that can not be the issue.

    Have you guys any idea ?

    thanks a lot


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