• this problem is from another thread from me. hoping to get answers here.

    basically, when I open utorrent, I'm getting intermittent internet connection, but if its off, the problem is gone.

    I finally found this problem after about a month of isolation and I bet the DSL provider is already sick of my intermittent connection calls lol. either way, how can I fix this? this really took me SOOO long to find out.

    going to services -> upnp & NAT isn't doing me anything.

    to explain my network structure:

    dsl modem =
    pfsense wan =
    pfsense lan = (gateway)
    diskless client computers: -

    my server pc running the virtual box pfsense and diskless server has 2 NICs. one is connected to the dsl and the other connected to the switch network. IP connected to switch is (bridged to pfsense LAN as well) while the other NIC connected to dsl has no IP (no read from win7) and pfsense uses it as WAN port with IP

    You probably guessed it. I'm running a net cafe.

    how can I open utorrent without ruining the internet?