Bridging Lan1 and Lan4

  • Hey,

    I'm using 2.0.3.

    What is the best way to bridge a two lans so I can see other networked PCs/NAS etc ?

    I have a main hub on LAN 1 which has various shared resources on it using the Windows network sharing.
    And I have a wireless router on LAN 4. I'd like my wireless to be able to see the available networks on the windows "Network" area.

    Can anyone please advise/help?

    I've tried to just bridge them together using the Interfaces –> assign --> bridges and ADD.. then select them both. Doing that alone seemed to easy
    and I was not able to see the shared resources on the windows PC connected to wireless.

  • Netgate Administrator

    When you bridge interfaces you would usually switch filtering from the bridge member interfaces to the bridge interface itself. If you don't do that you have to add appropriate rules on each interface.
    Did you do that?


  • hmm,, I have no idea how to do that?


  • Netgate Administrator

    OK. So if you want to have both interfaces appear on the same subnet and you don't want any filtering between them you need to move the filtering. Go to System: Advanced: System Tunables: In the table are two sysctls that control the bridge filtering behaviour and As the description in the table says you have to edit those values setting to 0 and to 1.
    You will need to reboot the box (or remake the bridge) at this point to get the values to take effect.

    Also you probably want to re-arrange the interface assignments. You want to end up with:

    LAN1 assigned as bridge0.

    bridge0 with the two interfaces added. This means you will have to reassign whatever NIC you have as LAN1 currently.

    You don't have to do that but LAN1 (assuming you renamed it from LAN) has the anit-lockout rules etc.

    I wrote a post about doing this sometime ago that may be helpful to you:,48947.msg269592.html#msg269592


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