PfSense 2.0.3 MultiWAN + Squid Floating Rule

  • I've set up pfSense V2.0.3 in order to avoid the problems with squid and multiwan.

    • The three connected WANs are perfectly load balanced when not using squid.
    • When using squid (and squidguard) without the floating rule to loopback traffic on WAN1, squid works perfectly fine.
    • When activating the floating rule to loopback traffic on WAN1, load balance is unstable and page reproduction is extremly slow. Way too slow to call it ready to work with.

    Name resolving (DNS) and ping are fine, tested on server interface and on a client connected via LAN.

    I tried every hint for pre V2.1 on this topic I was able to find in this forum. I tried the solution with manual NAT, but it did not change anything (and as far as I understand, there is already a fix for this problem in 2.0.3).

    Does anyone have another hint for me what to try? I really need to make this work asap.

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer!

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