PFSENSE + FREENAS ftp no go ?

  • Hi, I have been trying for a long time now to get my freenas ftp work externaly but i just wont work.. Internally i works fine…
    The thing is my windows 2012 ftp works fine externaly but if i change the nat to my freenas adress it wont work. Filezilla wont get any connection just stuck at connection. Tried to forward the passive ports aswell but no go. Also i noticed for my 2012 server that it wont work i you use another port than 21 ? If i try a port like 40 that doesnt work either. So im stuck at port 21 with server 2012.

    Using pfsense 2.1 and freenas FreeNAS-9.1.0-RC1-x64

    Suggestions ? I guess i have missed something basic..

  • When you connect using FileZilla externally what does it show for the address of the connection in the status window when it connects, please post the output.

    Dont post what you are entering in the Host box/section.

  • Status: Resolving address of "domain"
    Status: Connecting to 81.x.x.x:21…
    Error: Connection timed out
    Error: Could not connect to server