About Firewall.

  • Hi all. im new user and first time using pfsense.
    i need to do project about firewall using pfsense.
    i dont know equipment specification i need, which pfsense version,how much NIC,
    sorry im newbie.
    any pro can tell me bout that. i love to have a long conversation. i like to learn from someone. please. thanks

  • Netgate Administrator

    The main consideration here is how much traffic you need to firewall. What is your WAN connection speed?
    If you want to run additional services like web proxy, IDS/IPS or VPN that will increase the hardware requirements.
    The number of NICs you need deppends on how your network is configured. You will need at least two, for WAN and LAN connections, but more if your internal network has several subnets.


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